Yutanpo Shirane – Pin-up


He comes from Tokyo, where he lives and works as a freelance illustrator since 25 years.
He is Yutanpo Shirane, he graduated in graphic design at Kuwasawa Design School, the most important design school of the East. Here he built his experience, that during almost 25 years had him working for many prestigious magazines, such as BRUTUS Magazine, BLUE-ZINE and Tarzan, all very famous in Japan, but that do not cross its borders very often. However, in recent years he was able to become known also outside of the land of the rising sun.

Recently he begun new projects, even some that escape the traditional themes of his country of origin, such as his latest work in which he depicts PIn-Ups. Provocative, while still with a candid look on their face, his “girls” have a strong ironic and erotic charge. His stroke is intentionally simple, the shapes are proportionate, never explosive or gross, it is a balanced mix of pop and sexy. We could call his style minimalistic sensuality.

The theme of sensuality is for sure a winning one, for any illustrator or artist that aims at the large public. But here Shirane is able to make us appreciate the world of female nudity without vulgarity.

If you wish to understand and get to know the work of this artist you can visit his personal website or check him out on Instagram.

Domo arigato!