QUENTIN MONGE: Silhouette life

He lives and works in Paris, where he is an art decorer by day, and an illutrator by night. Quentin Monge, indeed, is very prolific and has a talent also for collage

Going through his portfolio we can see how his style is becoming simpler and simpler. Maybe is the scissor cutting technique that influences his drawing as well, since it forces him to simplify shapes and postures with an expressive economy that deliver much, with very few. Quentin often uses negative spaces to have new subject emerge from the canvas.

His characters don’t have a full face or an expression, and they appear to be moving like silhouette on wallpaper. The formal elegance of his works is also conceptual, with a strong sense of humor that he conveys also though real objects. He plays with them and obtains the same surprise and spontaneity typical of Jean Jullien o Christoph Niemann.

Quentin’s work, at a first glance, could be put among the current of those European illustrators that in recent years are re-discovering the power of flat color and pure lines. But he distinguishes himself on contents and visual sintax. It is possible to see his works on his Behance and Instagram.

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Via Beat To Be