Privacy Policy

This website collects some Personal Data from its users.
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The Controller of the Data (or Controller)

Studio Brado Design Co.
Via Trieste, 7/9 – 43122 – Parma (Italy)
(+39) 0521 199 08 37


Kind of data collected

Among the Personal Data collected by this website, autonomously or through third party applications, there are: cookies, utilization data, first name, last name, email.
Complete details on the kind of data collected are available in the dedicated sections of this privacy policy or through specific informative texts visualized before the collection of such data.
The Personal Data can be provided by the user or, for specific data about utilization of the website, automatically collected during the user’s navigation.
Unless stated otherwise, all the data requested by this website are mandatory. If the user refuses to share them it could be impossible to ensure the service provided by this website. In the case of some data that are specified as optional the users are free to avoid sharing them, without any consequence on the availability or the operativity of the relative service.
Users that may have doubts about which data are mandatory can directly contact the Controller of the Data.
The possible use of Cookies – or other tracking systems – by this website or by the owners of the third parties applications used by this website, where not specified, has the goal to ensure the service requested by the user and to meet the other goals described in the Cookie Policy, if available.
The user takes full responsibility for the Personal Data of third parties obtained, published or shared through this website and guarantees to have the right to communicate and share them, freeing the Data Controller from any responsibility toward such third parties.


Mode and Place of Data handling

Mode of data handling

The data controller takes all the security measures in order to avoid unauthorized access, sharing, modification and corruption or destruction of the Personal Data.
The handling of data is managed through digital/telematic tools, with organizational and logical methods linked to the specified goals. Apart from the Data Controller, in some particular cases, other individuals involved in the managing of this website may have access to the data (administrative, commercial, marketing or legal collaborators or system managers) or external individuals (like technical services providers, postal carriers, hosting providers, digital firms, communication agencies) also considered, if necessary, as Responsible for the Processing of the Data by the Controller. The updated list of Responsibles entities can always be demanded by the Interested Party.


Legal basis for the Handling of the Data

The Controller deals with the Personal Data of the user in case of the following:
• The user has given consent for one or more specific goals;
Note: in certain legal system the Controller can be authorized to handle Personal Data without the user’s consent or some of the other legal basis mentioned below, unless the user explicitly denies his/her consent to such handling of his/her data (“opt-out”). This is not the case when the data handling is regulated under the European Personal Data Protection legislation;
• The handling of the data is necessary to execute a contract with the user and/or to execute pre-contractual measures;
• The handling of the data is necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation imposed on the Controller;
• The handling of the data is necessary in order to execute a task of public interest or for the execution of public responsabilities to which the Controller is entitled;
• The handling of the data is necessary in order to pursue the Controller’s or a third party’s legitimate interest.

It is always possible to demand to the Controller clarifications about the legal basis of how each kind of data is processed and in particular to specify if such handling is regulated by law, by a contract or if it is necessary in order to finalize a contract.



The data are handled at the Controller’s operational hubs and at any other location where the third parties involved in such handling are located. For further information you can contact the Controller of the Data.
The Personal Data of the user could be transferred in a country different from the one where the user is located. In order to have further information about the location where the data are handled the user can refer to the section dedicated to the Personal Data handling details.
The user has the right to obtain information about the legal regulation about the moving of data outside the European Union or to an international organization that operates under public international law or formed by two or more countries, like for example the UN, and about the security measures adopted by the Controller in order to ensure the protection of the collected data.
The user can verify if any of the data transfer described above could happen by reading the section of this document dedicated to the details on Personal Data Handling or by contacting directly the Controller at the contacts specified at the beginning of this document.


Retention period

The data are handled and preserved for the time required by the objectives of their recolleciton.
• The Personal Data collected with the goal of executing a contract among the user and the Controller will be retained untill the contract has been completely finalized.
• The Personal Data collected because of some legitimate Controller’s interest will be retained untill such interst’s goals have been completely satisfied. The user can demand more information about such legitimate interest of the Controller by looking at the dedicated section of this document or directly contacting the Controller.

When the handling is based on the user’s consent, the Controller can retain the Personal Data for longer time untill such consent is withdrawn. Furthermore, the Controller may be forced to retain the Personal Data for a longer period by some legal requirement or because of the requirement imposed by some public authority.

At the end of the Public Data retainment period the data will be cancelled. Therefore, at the expiring of such conservation period, the rights of cancellation, correction and data portability will no longer recognizable.


The goals of the handling of collected data

The user’s data are collected in order to allow the Controller to provide a service, to comply with legal requirements, to answer executive actions requests, to safeguard his/her own interests and rights (or the ones of third parties), to identify malicious or fraudolent activities, or with the following goals: statistic, contact with the user, traffic optimization and distribution, visualization of content from external platforms, Tag management and interactions with Social Network or with other platforms.
In order to obtain more detailed information about the goals of the handling of Personal Data and on how each data is handled for each goal, the user can look at the dedicated section of this document called “Details on Personal Data handling”.


Details on Personal Data handling

Personal Data are collected with the following goals and through the following moadlities:

Contact with the user

Contact form (this website)
The user, filling out the form with his/her data, agrees to their use aimed at answering to info enquiries, quotations, or to any other king of request specified in the form header.
Personal Data collected: last name, first name, email.


Tag management

This kind of service is functional to the centralized management of tags or scripts present in this website.
The use of such services implies the flow of data from the user through these services and, if it is the case, their retention.
Google Tag Manager (Google Ireland Limited)
Google Tag Manager is a tag management service provide by Google Ireland Limited.
Personal data collected: utilization data.
Privacy Policy.


Social Media and external platforms interaction

This kind of services allow to interact with social media or with external platforms directly on this website.
The interactions and the informations acquired by this website are subject to the settings about the user’s privacy related to each social media platform.
This kind of service could collect data about the traffic on each page where the service is installed, even when users are not using it.
It is therefore recommended to disconnect from the respective service to be sure that the data collected on this website are not directly linked with the user’s profile.

Pulsante Facebook e widget social di Facebook

Il pulsante Facebook e i widget social di Facebook sono servizi di interazione con il social network Facebook, forniti da Facebook.
Dati Personali trattati: Dati di utilizzo e Strumento di Tracciamento.
Privacy Policy.

Pulsante Instagram e widget social di Instagram

Il pulsante Instagram e i widget social di Instagram sono servizi di interazione con il social network Instagram, forniti da Instagram.
Dati Personali trattati: Dati di utilizzo e Strumento di Tracciamento.
Privacy Policy.


Traffic optimization and distribution

This kind of service allows this website to distribute its contents through servers differently located in order to optimize performances.
The Personal Data handled depend on the characteristics and on the implementation mode of such services, that by nature filter cimmunication among this website and the user’s browser.
Given the spread nature of this system it is hard to determine the location in which contents are hosted, that may contain Personal Data of the user.
Cloudflare (Cloudflare Inc.)
Cloudflare is a traffic optimization and distribution service provided by Cloudflare Inc.
The integration modalities of Cloudflare allow this to filter all traffic from and to this website, in other words the communication among this website and the user’s browser, also allowing the recollection of statistical data about such exchange.
Personal Data collected: tracking tool, other kinds of data given the privacy policy of the service.
Privacy Policy.



The services contained in this section allow the Controller to monitor and analyze data about traffic and serve the purpose of tracking the user’s interaction with the website.
Google Analytics (Google LLC)
Google Analytics is a web analytical service provided by Google LLC (“Google”).
Google uses the collected Personal Data with the goal of tracking and analyzing the utilization of this website, compiling reports and sharing them with the other services developed by Google.
Google could use the Personal Data to contextualize and personalize its commercial network advertisements.
Personal Data collected: Cookies, utilization data.
Privacy Policy Opt Out.


Content visualization from external platforms

This kind of services allows to visualize directly on this website’s pages contents hosted on external platforms and to interact with them.
This kind of services could collect data on web traffic regarding the pages where the service is available, even if users do not use it.
Font Awesome (Fonticons, Inc. )
Font Awesome is a font visualization service managed by Fonticons Inc., it allows this website to incorporate such contents inside its own pages.
Personal Data collected: utilization data.
Privacy Policy.
Google Fonts (Google Ireland Limited)
Google Fonts is a font visualization service managed by Google Ireland Limited, it allows this website to incorporate such contents inside its own pages.
Personal Data collected: utilization data, various kinds of data according to the service’s privacy policy.
Privacy Policy.


User’s Rights

Users have certain rights regarding the data handled by the Controller.
More specifically, the user has the right to:
withdraw the consent at any time. The user can withdraw his/her previously granted consent to the Personal Data collection and use.
object to the collection and handling of his/her Personal Data. The user can object to the collection and handling of his/her Personal Data when this happens on a legal basis different that is not his/her consent. Further information on objecting rights are specified in the following section.
access his/her own Personal Data. The user has the right to obtain information about the Personal Data handled by the Controller, about specific aspects of such handling and to receive a copy of such data.
verification and correction. The user can verify the accuracy of his/her Personal Data and request the update and correction of such data.
obtain the limitation of the handling of the data. When specific conditions incur, the user can request the limitation of his/her Personal Data handling. In this case the Controller will handle the data only for conservation purposes.
obtain the cancelation or removal of his/her personal Data. When specific conditions incur, the user can request the cancelation of his/her Personal Data to the Controller.
receiving his/her own Personal Data or having them transfered to another Controller. The user has the right to receive his/her own Personal Data in a structured format, of common use, readable by automatic devices, and, when technically possible, to have such data transferred to another Controller without intereferences. This disposition is valid when the data are handled with automatic tools and the handling is backed by the user’s consent, by a contract stipulated with the user or by contractual measures connected to it.
file a complaint. The user can file a complaint to the competent Personal Data protection control authority or act in a legal proceeding.


Details on the opposition right

When the Personal Data are handled in the public interest, to carry out public powers which the Controller is entitled to or to pursue a legitimate interest of the Controller, the users have the right to oppose to such handling for reasons related to their peculiar condition.
It is also possible for the users to oppose the handling of their Personal Data, without giving any motivation, when these are handled to carry out direct marketing operations. In order to descover if the Controlelr handles the data for direct marketing purposes the users can refer to the specific sections of this document.


How to exercise the rights

In order fot the user to exercise his/her rights he/she can file a request to the contacts provided at the beginning of this document. To file an enquiry is totally free and an answer will be provided as soon as possible by the Controller.


Cookie Policy

This website uses tracking tools. To know more about them the user can refer to the Cookie Policy.


Further information about the handling of data

Defence in court proceedings

The Personal Data of the user can be used by the Controller during a legal proceeding or the preliminary phases of a legal proceeding in order to support a defence against abuses perpetrated by the user during the interaction with this website or with its services.
The user declares to be aware that the Controller may be forced to reveal the data by the public authority.


Specific information

If requested by the user, in addition to the information available in this privacy policy, this website could provide the user with further informative material regarding specific services or the collection and handling of Personal Data.


System log and maintenance

Because of operational and maintenance necessities, this website and its third parties services used by it could collect system log data, these are files that record the interactions and that may contain Personal Data, like the user’s IP address.


Information not presenti in this privacy policy

Further information regarding the handling of Personal Data could be requested at any time to the Controller of the Data Handling through the contacts at the beginning of this document.


Answers to “Do Not Track” requests

This website does not support “Do Not Track” requests.
In ordert to find out if the third party services may support it the user can look each respective privacy policy.


Changes to this privacy policy

The Controller of the Data Handling has the right to change this privacy policy at any time, stating it on this page if possible, or sending a direct memo to the users through their direct contact information if possible and permitted by law. It is therefore advisable to visit this page frequently, checking out the most recent update date indicated at the bottom of this document.

Whenever the changes to this policy may deal with matters which legal basis is the user’s consent, the Controller will proceed to re-collect again the user consent, if necessary.

Most recent update: 11/09/2021