Only Good Followers

“I would like to start creating content on social networks to reach 10 thousand followers”.

Here, we start badly already.
Not because the number of followers aspired to is too high, but because what is wrong is precisely the assumption.

The most important thing if we talk about social media is not the number of followers.
Using only this metric as a reference is also a bit of a boomer. (ed)

Attention. We are not saying that a good number of followers is not important, but it must not be the only thing that matters, it must not be the main objective of our communication.

The actual problem with the follower count is that it can become a vanity metrics. We all check if there are reactions to the post just published or if the profile grows and, in the case of a company, if I have more followers than my competitor.
It’s something that has to do with our self-esteem, with the need to get approval from other people.
And in fact, let’s leave it at that level of analysis.

Followers and likes can be bought, loyal customers cannot.

My communication on social media should therefore primarily aim to involve people interested in my service / product, who after interest show their intention to purchase and after the intention, guess what? Purchase as well.

Some metrics to keep an eye on in this sense are the interaction rate: the average of the reactions generated by my content compared to followers; coverage: the people I reach and the quality of the followers: that is, do my followers actually represent my target audience?

If these metrics are growing, the road is certainly the right one and our corporate communication strategy will almost certainly lead to excellent conversion results.