Definitions and Legal References



Personal Data (or just data)
It is considered as Data any information that, directly or indireclty , even in relation to any other piece of information, within a personal identification number, identifies or allows to identify a physical person.


Utilization Data
These are all the information automatically collected through this website (also by some third party applications integrated into this website), some of them are: IP addresses or the domain names of the devices used by the user to connect to the website, the addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) form, the time of the request, the method though which the request was forwarded to the server, the dimension of the file obtained as a response, the numerical code indicating the server response status (successfull, error, etc.), the country of origin, the browser characteristics and those of the operational system used by the website visitor, the timely characteristics of the visit on the website (i.e. the time spent on each page), and the details of the navigation through the different website pages with particular focus on the different pages that have been visited and the parameters referring to the operational system and the informatic environment of the user.


The user is the individual that interacts with this website and, unless stated otherwise, is the interested party.


The interested party
The physical person to which the Personal Data refer to.


The Responsible for the Processing of the Data (or Responsible Person)
It is the physical or juridical person, the public administration and any other institution that handles the data on behalf of the Controller, according to what is declared on the Privacy Policy.


The Controller of the Data (or Controller)
It is the physical or juridical person, the public authority, the service or any other institution that, alone or together with others, determines the goals, the means and the instruments through which the personal data are handled, considered also the security measures relative to the correct functioning and use of this website. The Controller, Unless stated otherwise, is the owner of this website.


This website
The hardware or software tool through which users’ personal data are collected and handled.


The services provided by this website, as specified in the relative terms and conditions (if they are present) or policies on this website.


European Union (or EU)
Unless stated otherwise, any referral to the EU in this document and in the Privacy and Cookie policies is to be intended as extended to all of the current European Union and European Economic Space member countries.


Cookies are Tracking Tools that consist of small data stored inside the user’s browser.


Tracking Tools
This is defined as any technology – es. Cookie, unique identifiers, web beacons, integrated scripts, e-tag and fingerprinting – that allow to track the user activity, for example collecting and storing information on the user’s device.


Legal References
This website’s Privacy and Cookie Policies have been realized according to different legislations, included artt. 13 and 14 of the EU Regulation 2016/679.
Unless stated otherwise, this website’s Privacy and Cookie Policies are to be considered valid just for this website.