Klaus Kremmerz – Adult Nostalgia

Klaus Kremmerz is an illustrator that familiarized with a style, an instrument and a subject in order to create detailed art with a nostalgic appearence.

In spite of the new popularity of coloring books, illustrations done with markers with realistic style are not very common. However Klaus chose the humble tool, the classic marker, creating art that remind of childhood free time. His eccentric contexts create illustrations that we “grown men” would like to have hanging on our walls.
His pieces depict mixed up memories of when, as children, we used to fill papers with layers and layers of color.

His true art is to illustrate landscapes and interiors of great depth with great ability. Captivating fixed frames of what looks like a West Coast landscape: buildings with an open plan and leveled pools, full of colors that fill the sight.

“The Flying Man” is a clear example of this, a drawing of a superhero on a tall building, where the landscape looks covered in a felt pad.

It is possible to follow Klaus on his official website, or on Instagram and Behance.

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