Mario Maple “Grotesque Erotica”

Mario Maple, 28, from Guadalajara in Mexico, he discovered his artistic career in the innocent way: a child begins to draw characters from Cartoon Network, The Simpsons and skateboard magazines like Thrasher. “My brother was the most talented in skateboarding,” says Mario, “I was more inclined to the graphics tables and adhesives discovered in each new issue of the magazines.”
Blurring the walls of Guadalajara for his sketchbook, part to design new projects and ambitions in the streets, so beginning to be noticed, often ignored, but mostly erased, which was often because his work often offensive, aggressive and outrageous , for a small Mexican town.

Studying in Barcelona expands its horizons in art practice, drawing, painting, poster art, photography and sculpture. And in all these aspects Mario expressed his personal taste. Taste cha is born, like many contemporary artists, in an early age, when the reference points were the Looney Tunes. So it fascinated by animation, grotesque characters and satirical humor of the old “cartoons”. Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett and Friz Freleng are his inspiration.

So Maple get to create this series of erotic illustration, made of grotesque characters, in dark scenes and decadent, expressing at the same time beauty and strangeness.

Waiting for an official and unofficial site you can peek at his work on Instagram and Facebook.

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Via Beat To Be