Creative Trends 2023

Today’s consumers crave new experiences. They look forward to engaging with brands that provide an alternative look at routine and inspire others to get going. Using creative approaches, XR technology, and more complex production techniques in 2023, content creators will have the opportunity to win over various audiences and invite them to escape.

Depositphotos has published its annual forecasts in the “Creative Trends 2023: Ready to Escape?” report.

The international content platform, with a library of over 250 million photos, videos, vector files and audio tracks, has announced its creative trends for 2023.

1. Anime Thrill

The Y2K nostalgia trend and rapid streaming service growth have re-sparked universal excitement towards anime, which many enjoyed watching on DVDs in their youth. Interesting characters with superpowers, enthralling plots, and colorful visual effects have made Japanese animation a great getaway from today’s reality. To be on the same wavelength with their audiences, world-known brands such as AdidasAcura, and others started integrating anime aesthetics into their marketing campaigns.

In addition to design inspiration, anime can help content creators grow their creative skills in 2023. You can learn to invent hyperbolic characters, think through symbolic elements to include in storylines, run anime photoshoots, or experiment with costumes, whether drawn or stylized. With all the possibilities the anime aesthetic offers, this year is expected to be full of dynamic, artistic, and attention-grabbing projects.

2. Back to the Wild

How many of you have been consumed by wanderlust in the last couple of years? With restrictions finally lifted across most countries, travel is making an impressive comeback. Audiences are all warmed up to discover, engage with, and test new products or services. However, to win over their attention, brands need to consider that the global outlook is shifting. This has been distinctly reflected through gorpcore colors, the general enthusiasm for the outdoors, and Yvon Chouinard’s decision to give away Patagonia to fight climate crisis.

In 2023, travel will focus more on responsible and conscious experiences, as opposed to well-planned and comfort-first trips. We’ll see more eco-friendly and rewilding initiatives, a broader usage of visual techniques that feature nature-inspired colors, as well as hiking and camping aesthetics; all of this reinforced by messages that incite us to take action today.

3. A Wonderful Age

With the pandemic highlighting weak areas globally, the next decade is set to change how we think, approach, and act. A priority topic will be population aging, given that 1 in 6 people in the world will be 60 years or over by 2030. To address it, businesses are already expanding their target audiences. At the same time, social media trends are revolving around older celebrities, opinion leaders, and content creators more often, outperforming younger generations.

One way companies can act is by adding age-friendly images and videos to their communications. However, visuals should go beyond stocky concepts of cheerful seniors smiling for the camera or playing with grandchildren. Authentic imagery will showcase various activities in which boomers or early Gen Xers throw parties, go out with friends, enjoy themselves, experiment with their appearances, and start new careers. This way, brands and content creators can also become more relatable and loyal to older generations.

4. Ethereal World

The year 2022 has been oversaturated with significant world events, encouraging many to look at things from different perspectives. Some put all of their efforts into understanding and coping with reality, while others became extremely hopeful about what the near future might hold for us. This spectrum of experiences and a yet foggy vision of tomorrow are now reflected in photography, cinematography, and other branches of visual art.

Drawing inspiration from 20th-century magical realism, content creators will turn to hazy and blurry effects, deep shadows, and compelling compositions in their works. Experimental or creative editing and post-processing will be present in photography and videos more often; all in order to help viewers get lost in the dream-like aesthetic and question, “Is what I see real?”

5. Eye on Sustainability

Although sustainable design has become a household term for many, climate change remains the biggest challenge we face today. To make a difference, brands and content creators introduce green and zero-impact ideas to every process. They often draw inspiration from nature and collaborate with engineers or scientists to come up with more effective and appealing solutions.

This year, sustainable design aesthetics will play a greater role than ever before. Deep monochrome colors, classic or condensed fonts, and minimalist textures will help you create inclusive designs, but also optimize resources, improve return on investments, and secure your brand’s and the world’s future.

6. Wellness Upgrade

The wellness sphere has faced an incredible transformation lately, with hundreds of brands introducing digital self-care and calmtainment projects. The swift growth of the metaverse in 2022 influenced the direction in which well-being projects are heading. Mindful and health-centered practices are now migrating from homes to various environments, including museumsresorts, and the streets.

To better connect with audiences in 2023, brands will include AR- and VR-powered wellness experiences in their marketing activities. The use of dynamic, abstract, and 3D motion graphics with thematic sound effects and scents will facilitate the separation from the physical world, as well as help accelerate positive results for both consumers and brands.

7. A Blast of Joy

The last few years have taught us that good sleep, regular food intake, and sports are the ultimate feel-good activities. But as soon as they became more present in daily routines, people started wondering, what else can spark dopamine? Thus, the ‘Romanticize your life’ and ‘Dopamine dressing’ movements appeared, paving the way for a new trend that will take off in the next few months.

Maximalist, eclectic, and sometimes too flashy aesthetics will go toe-to-toe with minimalist and clean imagery. Content creators will generously and colorfully stylize their photoshoots, with settings and model looks becoming even more deliberate and energetic—all in order to bring joy and fascinate with detail.

The maximalist, eclectic and sometimes too flashy aesthetic will tiptoe forward with minimalist and clean images. Content creators will generously and colorfully stylize their photo shoots, with settings and models’ looks becoming even more energetic, to bring joy and fascination with shimmering details.

Via Deposit Photos