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The Controller of the Data (or Controller)

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Since the use of third parties tracking tools on this website can not be completely controlled by the Controller of the Data, any specific reference to third party tracking tools is to be considered indicative. In order to obtain complete information, the users can read the privacy policy of each third party service mentioned in this document.
Given the objective difficulty of identifying tracking technologies, the users can directly contact the Controller in order to receive further information regarding the use of such technologies on this website.

This document contains information regarding the technologies that allow this website to meet the goals described below. Those technologies allow the Controller to collect and store information (i.e. through the use of Cookies) or to use resources (i.e. running a script) on the user’s device when this interacts with this website.
In this document such technologies are simply reffered to as “Tracking Tools”, unless reasons supporting further specification occur.
For example, however Cookies could be used by both mobile and web browsers, it would be unnecessary to refer to them focusing only on mobile device applications since such tracking tools require the presence of a browser. For this reason, within this document, the term Cookie is used meaning only that specific kind of tracking tool.
Some of the goals that require the implementation of tracking tools could ask for the user’s consent. If such consent is given, it can be withdrawn freely at any time following the instructions specified in this document.
This website uses tracking tools directly under the Controller’s control (commonly reffered to as “first-party tracking tools”) and tracking tools that allow third- party services (commonly referred to as “third-party tracking tools”). Unless stated otherwise within this document, such third parties have access to the relative third-party tracking tools.
Duration and expiration of Cookie and other similar tracking tools can vary depending on the settings put in place by the Controller or by each third party service provider. Some of them expire at the end of the user’s navigation session.
In addition to what has been specified in each category described below, users can find more detailed and updated information about the duration, as well as any other kind of relevant information, in the privacy policy of each third party service provider (visible through the link provided in this document) or directly contacting the Controller.


Strictly necessary activities in order to guarantee the proper functioning of this website and the provision of the Service

This website uses Cookies commonly called “technical” and other similar tracking tools in order to run strictly necessary activities tied to the proper functioning of this website and the provision of its services.


Third party tracking tools

Traffic optimization and distribution

This kind of service allows this website to distribute its contents through servers differently located in order to optimize performances.
The Personal Data handled depend on the characteristics and on the implementation mode of such services, that by nature filter cimmunication among this website and the user’s browser.
Given the spread nature of this system it is hard to determine the location in which contents are hosted, that may contain Personal Data of the user.
Cloudflare (Cloudflare Inc.)
Cloudflare is a traffic optimization and distribution service provided by Cloudflare Inc.
The integration modalities of Cloudflare allow this to filter all traffic from and to this website, in other words the communication among this website and the user’s browser, also allowing the recollection of statistical data about such exchange.
Personal Data collected: tracking tool, other kinds of data given the privacy policy of the service.
Privacy Policy.


Other activities that require the use of tracking tools

Simple interactions and features

This website uses tracking tools that allow simple interactions and features which let the user access to some services and resources and simplify the communication with the Controller.
Contacting the user
Email Contact Form


Navigation/interaction improvement

This website uses tracking tools in order to provide a personalized user experience, allowing a better management of the personal settings and the interaction with external platforms and networks.
Social Media and external platforms interaction
This kind of services allow to interact with social media or with external platforms directly on this website.
The interactions and the informations acquired by this website are subject to the settings about the user’s privacy related to each social media platform.
This kind of service could collect data about the traffic on each page where the service is installed, even when users are not using it.
It is therefore recommended to disconnect from the respective service to be sure that the data collected on this website are not directly linked with the user’s profile.

Pulsante Facebook e widget social di Facebook

Il pulsante Facebook e i widget social di Facebook sono servizi di interazione con il social network Facebook, forniti da Facebook.
Dati Personali trattati: Dati di utilizzo e Strumento di Tracciamento.
Privacy Policy.

Pulsante Instagram e widget social di Instagram

Il pulsante Instagram e i widget social di Instagram sono servizi di interazione con il social network Instagram, forniti da Instagram.
Dati Personali trattati: Dati di utilizzo e Strumento di Tracciamento.
Privacy Policy.



This website uses tracking tools that measure the traffic and analyze the user’s behaviour with the goal of improving the service.
The services contained in this section allow the Controller to monitor and analyze data about traffic and serve the purpose of tracking the user’s interaction with the website.
Google Analytics (Google LLC)
Google Analytics is a web analytical service provided by Google LLC (“Google”).
Google uses the collected Personal Data with the goal of tracking and analyzing the utilization of this website, compiling reports and sharing them with the other services developed by Google.
Google could use the Personal Data to contextualize and personalize its commercial network advertisements.
Personal Data collected: Cookies, utilization data.
Privacy Policy Opt Out.


How to manage the preferences and give or withdraw the consent

There are a variety of ways to manage the preferences relative to the tracking tools and to give or revoke the consent, when demanded:
Users can manage the preferences relatively to the tracking tools directly through their device settings, for example they can block the use and recollection of data by tracking tools.
In addition, whenever the user’s consent is needed for the implementation of tracking tools on this website, the user can give or deny such consent setting his/her preferences inside the Cookie informative banner or updating such preferences through the tracking settings widget, if available.
Thanks to specific browser and device functions it is possible to remove tracking tools previously saved.
Other tracking tools present in the browser local memory can be removed deleting the navigation history or cache.
Regarding third party tracking tools, users can manage their preferences and revoke their consent visiting the relative “Opt out” link (when available), using the tools described in each third party privacy policy or directly contacting such third party entity.


How to find the tracking tools settings

Users can, for example, find information about how to manage Cookies in some of the most widespread browsers to the following links:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Users can manage some tracking tools for mobile applications deactivating them through specific device settings, like advertisement and pop-up settings for mobile devices or the general tracking settings (users can look into the device settings in order to find the pertinent ones).