Greenery 15-0343: is a tonality of green the color of the year 2017. The highest international authority in the matter of colors has decided which will be the iconic nuance for next year, for fashion, design, graphic design, art, cosmetic and in each and every sector of creativity. It is a light and fresh green with some yellow tones. It reminds the rebirth of nature, the soft buds of the plants, and fields. A color that is easy to find outdoor, oxigenating, and that brings to the memory nice trips to the countryside. A green apple, the pulp of an avocado, fresh peas, grass, green matcha. The leaves of a pineapple, a grape, a mint leaf, some lettuce.

Pantone chose this nuance of green in support of a new beginning, The Greenery green is the symbol of rebirth, and it was chosen because of its vital influence: dynamic on one side, reassuring on the other. In an moment of history in which we are facing many challenges, to connect with a calming and opening reality can help move the attention on what we are giving for granted about life. Nature, our inside being, the vision of a shared collective goal. It is a color that helps emerging, taking a breath of fresh air, and take a break from the technology we live with 24h a day, says Pantone.

Greenery green in fashion

Pantone’s color for 2017 was spotted on the stages of many fashion shows during the presentation of the collections for the warm season. Lacoste, Zac Posen, Emilio Pucci, Celine, they all used it both alone and mixed up in exciting prints. It is not an easy color to wear. ‘Chi di verde si veste, di sua beltà si fida’ (“Who wears  green, must trusts his own beauty”) is a popular saying in Italy. But the positive side of this green nuance, lightful and energizing, is that is more versatile that what one could expect. It goes well with dark colors, with natural tones (sand, dirt, wood, clay). It can be worn along with some bright tonalities as well as with pastel ones, and also with metallic ones.