Bob Noorda Design

“The graphic designer is an occupation that one can practice everywhere, on a small table as well as on a big one, there is no need for much machinery, some pencils are enough, and it takes a whole life.”

Bob Noorda, 1981


Bob Noorda Design
curated by Mario Piazza 24 ORE Cultura

Thought and paged by Bob Noorda himself, one of the pioneers of Italian graphic design, “Bob Noorda Design” follows step after step, from the ’50 to the ’00, the professional journey of the Dutch designer whose work is entirely published for the first time thanks to the support of his familiy and to the editor: 24 ORE Cultura.

The manuscript is curated by Mario Piazza, who reviewed and completed Noorda’s project with a biographical section and many contextual notes that help understanding the industrial and designing buzz of the second half of the XX century, and to follow Noorda’s work traknig his methodological and formal approaches developed during his rich graphic production.

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